Asteroid Jormungandr

The asteroid (471926) Jormungandr belongs to the category Apollo-asteroids. These asteroids pass within the orbit of the Earth at their closest approach to the Sun. Jormungandr even passes within the orbit of Mercury. The position of the model in Sweden Solar System corresponds to this distance. It was inaugurated on the Day of Astronomy september 23 2023.

The artistical embodiment was performed by Lewis Clamp. It is inspired by the astroids name being an alternative name of the world serpent in nordic mythology. The astorid itself can be seen as a flash of light inside the central pearl when the lighting is favourable. The host of the model is Ion Game Design.


Diameter: 0,05 mm
Distance from Globen: 1,8 km


The address is Allhelgonagatan 5 in Stockholm. The nearest subway station is Skanstull. The model is placed inside the glass of the entrance to the house, and can be viewed from the street.