Directions and map

The Sun – Ericsson Globe Arena

Address: Ericsson Globe, Globentorget 2, Stockholm – Globen.
How to get there: Take the subway in Stockholm to Gullmarsplan. From there you have five minutes walk to the Stockholm Globe Arena which is the model of the Sun. A sign with information about SSS, the sun and the Globe is found behind the entrance to Sky View: take right towards the restuarant.

Mercury – Stockholm Town Museum (Stockholms Stadsmuseum)

Address: Ryssgården, Slussen, Stockholm
How to get there: Take the subway in Stockholm to Slussen. Cross the square towards the left, and walk down to the entrance of Stockholm Town Museum (Stockholms Stadsmuseum).

OBS: During the constructions in the Slussen area, the model is stored in the City Museum until end of 2018.

Venus – Vetenskapens Hus

Address: Vetenskapens Hus (House of Science), Roslagstullsbacken 21

Earth and the Moon – Cosmonova and the National Museum of Natural History (Naturhistoriska Riksmuseet)

Address: Frescativägen 40, Stockholm
How to get there: Take the subway in Stockholm to Universitetet, where signs show directions to Cosmonova and Naturhistoriska Riksmuseet, 5-10 minutes walk. The model of the Earth is located in the ticket hall. The model of our Moon is attached to a pillar in the ticket hall just outside the entrance to Cosmonova.

Mars – Mörby Centrum

Address: Mörby Centrum, Danderyd
How to get there: Take the subway in Stockholm to Mörby Centrum and enter the shopping centre. The model is at the entrance to Åhlens on the first floor.

Jupiter – Arlanda Airport

From Sky City, between terminal 5 and 4, a corridor is leading to the reception and conference center of Hotel Clarion (direction south). The moons are found along this corridor, and at the end there is an escalator to the southern entré over which Jupiter is flying:

Address: Hotel Clarion, Arlanda Airport
How to get there: Train or Bus

Saturn – Uppsala

A preliminary presentation of Saturn’s moon Titan is found at Svartbäcksgatan at the Celsius Square.

Uranus – Lövstabruk

Address: Central town at the “Stora magasinet”.

Neptune – Söderhamn

Address: Söderhamn, Hälsingland
How to get there: In the city centre, close to the public library and the canal, you find the park “Strykjärnsparken” with the model of Neptune. After dark the sphere (weighing 3 tons!) is illuminated from inside.

Pluto – Delsbo

Address: Delsbo, Hälsingland
How to get there: The model of Pluto and its satellite Charon is in a park close to “Staffansgården” in the centre of Delsbo.

Asteroid Eros – Mörbyskolan

Address: Vendevägen 94, Danderyd
How to get there: Subway to Danderyd Sjukhus. Follow the signs and walk through the passage under the freeway.

Asteroid Saltis – Saltsjöbaden

Address: Kunskapsskolan, Observatoriebacken, Saltsjöbaden.
How to get there: Take the train from Slussen to the end station Saltsjöbaden. Walk along the waterside to the road that leads uphill to Kunskapsskolan (about 10 min. walk). The model is outside the entrance of the second house to the left after passing the gates.

Asteroid Vesta – Täby

Address: Åva skolgränd 1 – 3, Täby.
How to get there: Train Roslagsbanan (from Station East) to Tibble Station. From Täby Centre it is less than 10 minutes walk.

Asteroid 5025 PL – Knivsta

Address: Margarethaskolan, Knivsta.
How to get there: The relief made by Eric Ståhl, with the position of 5025 PL marked, is attached to the wall of a small building to the right on the entrance road to Margarethaskolan.

Dwarf planet Haumea

2047 Science Center, Jussi Björlings väg 25, Borlänge.

Transneptunian Quaoar

Transneptunian Quaoar – Gislaved’s library

Adress: Gislegatan 5
Vägbeskrivning: The library is in central Gislaved and the model is at a window on the second floor.

Transneptunian Ixion – Härnösand

Address: Technichus, Storgatan 11, 871 31 Härnösand
How to get there: The model is located in the science centre Technichus in Härnösand, north of Delsbo (Pluto).

Celestial body ‘Oumuamua

Adress: Plönninge village
How to get there: See:

Transneptunian Eris – Umeå

Address: Curiosum, Östra Strandgatan 32, Umeå

Transneptunian Sedna – Luleå

Address: Teknikens hus, Luleå.
How to get there: Local bus no. 4 or 5 from the centre of Luleå, stop A. By car, from E4 turn direction Luleå. Follow signs “Universitetet” and “Teknikens hus”. The model is located in a park just outside the southern wall of this science centre (

Comet Halley – Skövde

Address: Kavelbrovägen 2B, Skövde.
How to get there: The science centre Balthazar (see: is close to the central railway station in Skövde. Three outdoor models of the comet are on the wall at the main entrance to the science centre Balthazar and in addition there is one indoor model.

Comet Swift-Tuttle – Karlshamn

Address: Karlshamn, Blekinge
How to get there: The model of comet Swift-Tuttle is at the very south of Sweden, inside the science centre Kreativum (see just outside the central part of Karlshamn.

Termination shock – Kiruna

Address: Space Campus, Kiruna
How to get there: Six kilometres before you reach Kiruna on the E10 highway (shortly after the turn-off to Jukkasjärvi) one turns left to the Space Campus (signposted “Rymdcampus”). There is a board informing about the Termination Shock in front of the entrance to the Swedish Institute of Space Physics.