To the left a photo (by Halvard Nilsson) showing ‘Oumuamua as it looks through the telescope seen on the right image where Charlotte Helin, chairman of the Astronomical Society of Halland, demonstates during the inauguration in 2018.

’Oumuamua is the Hawaiian name of a stony, elongated interstellar object once formed around a distant star from where it was ejected. On its journey through the Milky Way it happened to cross our solar system. It paid a visit to our neighbourhood in 2017 and is now on its way out again.

A presentation of this unique celestial body was inaugurated in August 2018 in Plönninge, Halland with a model created with the support from the Astronomical Society of Halland.


Diameter: 0,3 mm
Distance from Globen: 440 km